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"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
— Marilyn Monroe

"Sometimes I can’t blame people for leaving. I wouldn’t wan to stay with me either."
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Why choosing a major is fucking ridiculous.

I haven’t posted on this blog in a long time, but when I do, it’s usually to vent about the things that are frustrating me in this life.

I’ve been in school for what feels like forever and maybe I’m just being a whiny person but this is me being honest. The whole point of going to college is not only to.learn and to study one particular thing for however long it takes but to help jet start your career. How do you do that if you want to do more than one thing in your life? If you cannot possibly fathom the idea of studying just one thing or lack the capability to commit to one field of study?
I wonder if it is the school I go to that draws me to this conclusion since it seems that wherever I turn, I’m seen an an overachiever instead of just someone who does their work and does it correctly according to the instructor. While I can commit to following through with a class and it’s requirements, somehow the most challenging this is not being able to commit to a major and often changing my.mind on what I want to study.
I wish someone would create a class that would serve as a sampler to different majors because it seems the only thing you can do is spend thousands just to keep changing your mind.
I praise the people who can commit and are actually passionate about their majors instead of just choosing the major that will make them the most money in the long run. It just seems that those people are the ones who just…settle. Settle in a preplanned life at a job you may end up hating in order to live some repetitive lifestyle but, wait, at least you have a ton of money!
I constantly feel like a drifter in a community of people who have finally committed to some sort of plan at least university wise.

How does a drifter pick something to commit years of study to? Just when I think I’ve chosen, something changes and I’m left unsure.

How do people do it?

This isn’t meant to insult or offend, it’s just me trying to find where I fit in in college.

I still refuse to give up or settle, but where can I go from here?

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Gosh this is actually so cute.

Gosh this is actually so cute.

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Say Jason, for example. What will you miss the most about him? [x]

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They probably wrote the finale after 2AM.

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The whole series of HIMYM was like

And then the finale was like

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Random thought.

I want to be excited about birthdays again.

It’s not about the aging thing, no, but that it no longer feels like a special tradition. Every year, the same thing.

I often think about why I try to make people happy all the time. Like spoiling them with well thought out presents and being extravagant.

I realized that it’s because someday I hope someone will do the same for me.Is it wrong to want to feel special instead of getting half-assed “happy birthdays?”

Anyone who agrees will be well appreciated.

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Having a love/hate relationship with Design I.

Cause the work can be a bitch in this class but you learn a lot. I’m actually excited to film our video project.

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